Need a Friend for Your Health?

...Someone you could confide in about pains, sags, upsets and funny things now growing in places they didn't before.

As you move into midlife and beyond, your body starts slowing down. You can't seem to find the energy you once had.  You just don't feel well. You can't figure out what your body needs to feel its best, and you don't have time to figure it out because there is so much conflicting info out there. You wish you had someone you could ask questions and just check in this normal?  Can I do something about this?  Is my body falling apart?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You eat what you always have, but now a few extra pounds are creeping on.
  • You seem to have an upset stomach from time to time even though you aren't eating anything that you normally haven't eaten.
  • You exercise like you always have done, but now you feel it leaves you exhausted instead of energized.
  • You used to be able to get by on 5.5 hours of sleep, now you have to drag yourself out of bed.
  • You have to make sure your planner is always with you.  You just can't remember all of your to-do's like you used to.
  • Your monthly cycle is just going haywire. They are longer, heavier and sporadic.  You are concerned something is wrong?
  • You always loved getting together with your friends, but you just want to stay home and veg.
  • Your kids are leaving home or have left. You thought it meant you would have a ton of time, but the days are so tiring. You can't find the energy to do fun things.
  • You are feeling stuck in your health and your life.

You’re not alone!

Imagine if you had someone you could:

Share Your

  • concerns about your weight
  • thoughts about how to get more sleep, & develop a plan
  • frustrations with exercising
  • honest concerns about your health
  • fears of getting older
  • physician recommendations with and brainstorm how to accomplish what is best for your health
  • deepest health concerns

Ask for

    • resources that apply to your needs
    • strategies that fit you and your life
    • recommendations on how to proceed on getting help
    • help to sort out the latest conflicting scientific study
    • motivation
    • a kick in the pants

What you need is a Midlife Health BFF

Schedule a free Healthy Results Phone Session to chat with me to see if I could support you in the crazy maze of health as you age.  I will ask you just six questions to see if I can help you.  You can ask me questions on what I do. Just a chat.  Who know you might find your new Health BFF.





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Before working with Karen, I was feeling miserable and alone in my circle of friends and family. I was dealing with lifelong PMS and then menopause issues, as well as chronic insomnia and body pain and bouts of depressionHer suggestions were extremely helpful. For me it was spending more time being creative and nurturing my soul, which in turn improved my sleep and my confidence and overall quality of life.
Michelle B.

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