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Karen GroszKaren Grosz, certified through the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as well as a graduate of Seattle University (MBA), is a passionate Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner who helps clients take control of their own health and wellness through diet and lifestyle changes.

Karen struggled with her health most of her life. After years of an elusive reason for not feeling well, she was diagnosed with GERD (acid reflux) and Barrett’s Esophagus in her early 40s.  Instead of staying on PPI’s for the rest of her life, she went on a mission to change her health through the food she put into her body. During this time, she discovered that many people are struggling with their own health challenges.  She now helps others make small changes, feel better, and live life with vitality.

Karen has been a Human Resources professional with a growing medical device company, owned 3 successful businesses, and is currently the owner of Inner Savvy Wellness, a health coaching business.  She has raised and homeschooled her two boys. She changed her diet and lifestyle and feels better than ever.

Habit implementation and realistic changes have been the core of her success in life and health.  She is passionate about helping women over 40 find their inner wisdom to live the life they want with energy, and with that new-found energy, pursue their passions. 



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Improved Quality of Life

Before working with Karen, I was feeling miserable and alone in my circle of friends and family. I was dealing with lifelong PMS and then menopause issues, as well as chronic insomnia and body pain and bouts of depressionHer suggestions were extremely helpful. For me it was spending more time being creative and nurturing my soul, which in turn improved my sleep and my confidence and overall quality of life.
Michelle B.

"I listen to your untold health story & help you find your inner wisdom to reclaim vitality."   Karen Grosz, Inner Vitality Health Coach

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